French pharmaceutical laboratory specializing in Medicines of Major Therapeutic Interest (MITM)

Committed to patients
We combine all our professional and personal expertise to meet the essential needs of patients.

Committed to upgrading and making MITMs more accessible
Because these inevitable drugs are often forgotten by health professionals or neglected by some large pharmaceutical groups, we are committed to re-value and making it accessible.

What is an MITM?

MITMs, Medicines of Major Therapeutic Interest, are medicines essential to life, sometimes to the survival and daily well-being of patients. They are prescribed in the context of severe diseases for which a failure or supply difficulties would lead to a significant risk for the patient and a risk to public health.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our patients by enhancing neglected treatments through the development and acquisition of Medicines of Major Therapeutic Interest. For this, we are committed on a daily basis to developing, marketing and re-valorizing MITM, niche and neglected drugs.


In collaboration with partner doctors and patient associations, we identify abandoned treatments, revalue and relaunch essential drugs. We are also improving them or developing new ones and we are securing their supply to guarantee access to appropriate care.

Because every patient should have easy access to the best possible treatment.