About Mitem Pharma

As no patient should be left without a solution, we have chosen to create Mitem Pharma, an agile pharmaceutical laboratory dedicated to MITMs (Medicinal products of Major Therapeutic Interest).

Mitem Pharma is constantly adapting to the patients, the environment and the evolution of the market to make MITMs accessible everywhere and at every moment of life, in particular in the fields of endocrinology, emergency cardiology and medical dermatology.

Our Team

Our team is made up of experts in medicine, medical research, pharmaceutical industry and medication, as well as experts in logistics, purchasing and management. All those expertises combined allows us to ensure the quality of our products and their accessibility for patients.


Claude-Alain CUDENNEC is a PhD graduate from the University of Nantes in developmental biology and molecular biology. After a few years in the CNRS immunology division, he created the Cancer-Immunology Research Division at the Servier Research Institute. He then created the Pierre Fabre Immunology and Biotechnology Center before taking responsibility for all of Pierre Fabre Medicaments’ R&D. Claude-Alain then turned to entrepreneurship, which led him to participate in the creation of France-Biotech and to develop several biotech companies in France and North America, including Mitem Pharma.


Eric THIERRY is graduated from the Centre de Formation Professionnelle de la Pharmacie de Paris, and started his career at Servier and Sanofi. He has accumulated more than 30 years of experience as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry where he held positions in the field, marketing and sales management, then operations management at CL Innovation. From 2008 onwards, he focused his career on the global management of pharmaceutical companies in Europe (France, UK and the Netherlands). Since 2016, as co-founder of Mitem Pharma, he focuses on sales, partnerships and supply chain management.


Jean-Albert BUREAU is graduated from University of Burgundy and the Manchester Metropolitan University in accounting and Finance. He has more than 17 years’ experience in accounting and finance consulting groups. He started in 2005 as a legal auditor of listed companies (IFRS) and worked on major merger in the French market. He specialised in Transaction Services at Oderis Consulting (and became partner in 2014). He founded his own consulting firm (IMSV) in 2017 specialised in the advisory of small cap companies and their management (transactions, due diligence, private and bank financing). He worked on more than 60 deals in different areas (including Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies). He advised Mitem Pharma through its private financing process until April 2022 and joined the group in June 2022 as CFO.


Daniel PIGNARD, Doctor of Pharmacy, graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy in Lyon and holds a Master’s degree in Business Management (IAE Lyon). He has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry where he held operational positions as a deputy qualified person in charge of manufacturing/operating process. Daniel was responsible for the quality audit team of the SEQENS pharmaceutical group for 6 years, involved in the FDA remediation plan for API manufacturing sites (17 GMP Part 1 and Part 2 sites). He joined Mitem Pharma as Head Pharmacist & Qualified Person.

French laboratory, Mitem Pharma is also present on the main European markets and worldwide through 15 countries on 3 continents